Summit Environmental become TrustMark Approved.

What is TrustMark?

TrustMark is the UK’s only Government Endorsed Quality Scheme

The whole ethos of TrustMark is their passion for quality – it underpins what TrustMark stands for – continual improvement, best practice, excellent customer service and protection.

Trustmark provide a high level of assurance, certainty and protection to homeowners looking to have work done in and around their homes. TrustMark Registered Businesses are thoroughly vetted and continually monitored to ensure they meet required standards in technical competence, customer service and trading practices, so homeowners can be sure they’re making the right choice.

Peace of mind about quality of work and customer service

Whether you are looking for an electrician, a plumber or a landscape gardener, the TrustMark logo is a reassuring sign of the quality and standards they are required to uphold. TrustMark Registered Businesses are required to adhere to high standards of technical competence, customer service and trading practices, all of which are underpinned by our Customer Charter, the Code of Conduct and the Framework Operating Requirements.

Why use Summit Environmental?

For exactly the reasons above, we care about quality and customer service.

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