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Fire Risk Assessments, what you need to know.

A Fire Risk Assessment is an assessment that prepares us to be able to complete our emergency fire action plan, to know more about our premises, and to be able to train our staff, and protect our teams or residents. It is for many assessors, business owners and their employees, clearly a potential life saver, […]

Do I need a fire risk assessment (FRA) to sell my flat?

Fire risk assessments and health and safety in blocks of flats are very much on the radar following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower. Where does that leave you when trying to sell a flat? What are Fire Risk Assessments? A fire risk assessment is a review undertaken of a building to assess its fire […]

Selling a commercial property, do you need an asbestos survey?

Asbestos in Commercial Premises If you are the owner of a commercial property, or you are in the process of buying a commercial property, you may be the person legally responsible for managing any asbestos present at the property. Therefore, should you be considering selling a commercial property at some point in the future, you should […]

Retrofit assessments to improve energy performance in Sussex

Summit Environmental are accredited by TrustMark for our Retrofit assessments. TrustMark is a government endorsed quality scheme for trades in and around the home.  What are retrofit assessments? What is PAS 2035? From 1st July 2021, all ECO3 funded Retro-fit work will have to adhere to PAS 2035 standards, which will require fully trained and […]

What do we often get asked about anthrax?

Is anthrax contagious? Anthrax is a life -threatening infectious disease called Bacillus Anthracis, that normally effects animals especially ruminants, such as goats, horses, cattle, and sheep Anthrax can be transmitted to humans through infected animals or their products. In recent years anthrax has attracted a great deal of attention as it has become clear that […]